Important! The strap must go through the slot in the buckle. If you take the strap apart you must reassemble it exactly as it came delivered or the buckle might break during usage.

Position your weapon as shown above. Hold QuickShooter with the wide leatherpiece facing you and the narrow adjustment sling towards the weapon. The bigger adjustment loop attaches to the front fastener.

Slide the strap through the front fastener in the direction of the barrel. Then slide it through the adjustment loop as shown in the image above.

Tighten the loop leaving a small gap.

Pull the narrow strap towards the butt without twisting it.

Slide it through the rear fastener on the butt.

Make sure the strap is not twisted, slide it through the rear adjustment loop.

Slide it through the inner hole first, then back through the outer hole.

Foto/Video/Design - Dynamedia